Repairs to Drains

drainLocal Blocked Drain Services is afraid to say that at certain times it will necessary to conduct repairs to the drains so that they can function normally. Drains are prone to collapse after many years of hard work and external factors that cause the drain to collapse.

The result is that the channel of the drain is no longer free and all that is placed down the drain will get caught on the debris created by the collapsed debris. This will then become apparent when a blockage is noticed either in the property or in the vicinity around the external drain.

This can be an upsetting time for the property owner who wishes to go about his daily business but has the problem of waste water from the toilets and other house waste water backing up onto his lawn. At this point you will need to contact a drain expert who will address the issue for you. At this stage it is not a general plumber that you will need but a specialised drain firm that can handle all drain problems from unblocking, CCTV and drain repairs.

The drain expert will carry out a CCTV survey that will reveal the extent of the problem. This may reveal the damage that has occurred under the ground. It may be that the drain has collapsed inwards and the damage is so bad that a repair to the drain needs to be carried out urgently.

This may involve drain lining or digging up the drain to make a repair. Under the ground there is a network of drains that serve you and your nearby properties to allow the connection to the sewer. If the drain is a shared drain then this will most likely be the responsibility of the local water and sewage company for your area.

If you feel that you may have a serious drain problem then we strongly suggest you contact us today so we can discuss your options to avoid more damage to your property.