What are the signs of a blocked drain? 2/2

What are the signs of a blocked drain?

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Prevent toilet from unpleasant blocksA blocked toilet is often one of the easiest to identify, as you may begin to notice the water rising each time you use the flush mechanism, and on some occasions there may be an overflow of the water. If the blockage is coming from the sewage system, the toilet will overflow with dirty sewage water which is a serious health hazard due to all the bacteria within the water that could contaminate your bathroom.

Sounds coming from the drains is also often an indicator of a blockage. Gurgling sounds from the drains, pipes, plug holes, or toilet flushes imply a blocked pipe somewhere, as the sound is made from the trapped air that is caused by the disturbance of a blockage being pushed through the systems.

Another important point in determining whether you have a blockage is if neighbours in the surrounding area are experiencing similar issues. If your neighbours are being faced with the same problem, there may be an issue somewhere in the public sewer system, in which case your local council would need to be contacted.

A problem with the sewage system is also more likely if you are experiencing difficulty with more than one fixture in your property, as opposed to just one appliance. However, if you are the only house experiencing the problem then it is likely that you have a blockage somewhere within your property’s drainage system.

These signs are all cause for concern by themselves, but if you are experiencing multiple symptoms then the blockage may be much more severe than you realised, which is why it is important to call Blocked Drain Bournemouth as soon as you notice the warning signs, to avoid it escalating into a much bigger and more damaging problem that will cost you more time and money.