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Bournemouth’s leading Commercial & Residential Drain Unblockers, Blocked Drain Bournemouth are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Need your Drain Unblocked Now? Call Blocked Drain Bournemouth to unblock drains FAST! Experienced, fully equipped and ready to unblock any drain NOW.

Blocked drain Bournemouth is here to provide a comprehensive 24/7 drains service with drain jetting and CCTV drain survey capabilities as well as loads of other really helpful drains services for you at home or at your work. Whether day or night, weekend or bank holiday, you can rely on blocked drain Bournemouth to come to the rescue and resolve any drainage issue you might have.

We don’t only save you time but money by working fast to get your drain unblocked.
We are experts in all areas of drainage including drain maintenance and drain clearance.
Our CCTV services help you discover whether drains are cracked or collapsed.
Our same day response times help you fight blockages & other problems as quickly as possible.

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Our friendly and reliable engineers have years of experience local to Bournemouth and surrounding areas and will give you the first rate service that you are looking for. They use the latest industry knowledge and drain tools in order to get to the root of your blockage. This includes a CCTV service to discover whether drains are cracked or collapsed. Local experience, expert knowledge and a friendly manner to top it all off.

24/7 Emergency Call Outs

Here at Blocked Drain Bournemouth we know that staying on top of house and maintenance work can be a tough job, and we know that big jobs can come at the worst time, especially blocked drains. We also know that blocked drains can come at the worst possible financial times as well, that’s why we’re open 24/7 365 days around the clock, this is because it’s always important to clear a blockage as soon as it’s possible as this could save you money on repairs in the long run, this is because leaving a blockage can cause more harm, so we think it’s best to get rid of them when you can.

No Call Out Charge

When you call us up you might notice that we don’t exactly operate like other drain businesses, firstly in cost. we try to make our prices as competitive as they can possibly be and this is one of the reasons we don’t charge call out fees in order to keep our rates as low as they can possibly be . Blocked drain Bournemouth have over 20 years experience and all the tools and skills to make sure your drain troubles are a thing of the past. We’re ready and waiting for if and when you need us.

1 hour response time

We respond to jobs within 1 hour and use the latest technology and preventative methods. We can deal with all blocked drains in residential or commercial premises and can be with you within 30 minutes when an urgent response is required. Don’t hesitate to Call 01202 986990 Now for a free quote and the best service in the industry. You can rely on us to deal with all blockages – big or small. Here at Blocked Drains Bournemouth we provide a personalised, friendly service that really comes out of being a local drain unblocking service.

See Why Homeowners in Bournemouth & Poole Choose to Work with Blocked Drains Bournemouth

Stephen Prescott
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Outstanding service. First Local were called out to a blocked drain causing overflowing toilets in our school. I had just started as premises manager and had no information regarding the layout of the drains but Jordan quickly diagnosed the problem and dealt with it. We will be taking out a service contract with First Local to avoid future problems.
Thomas Johnson
Read More
Amazing Service from First Local. Kyle the engineer was outstanding in his help in first clearing the blockage and then repairing the whole drainage system. The job had many challenges but he persisted in getting it complete. Competitive pricing and would definitely recommend.
Nicola McCormack
Read More
Excellent service from first phone call to Kerry to ‘job done’ by Ryan. Sympathetic, calm, reassuring people and so speedy. Superb.
Mr Richard Jones
Read More
No complaints, they came, sorted out the problem I had issues...
Read More
Prompt service. Workman arrived within 2 hours of my phone call and fixed the drain blockage no problem!
Mrs Edenborough
Read More
I phoned First Local Services and they had a member of the team at my property the next morning. He talked mr through every stage to discuss why he needed to do and check I knew what the cost would be. He performed miracles and advised me of some damage to the drains, which are 120 years old to be fair, which needed to be sorted out to stop the blockages happening on a regular basis.Kerry in the office was a joy and Customer Service all the way through was excellent. I would definitely recommend First Local Services!
Tidworth golf club
Read More
Seeing as this was the first time of using them, they were very accommodating & the prices quoted were spot on. when the invoice was paid we received a receipt straight away.
Read More
Really great service, the guys worked tirelessly to find the source of my blocked drain, which they did. They gave clear communication throughout and were very keen to rectify my issue before bringing the expensive machinery/labour out! They also did a great job of tidying up afterwards. I hope I never get a blocked drain again but if I do I shall certainly call these guys again.
Mr Tony Welch
Read More
I just wanted to say how impressed we were with not only the rapid response times to my mums sewerage issues, but also how knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating the guys were when they arrived. Clearly, with my mum being elderly this was an extremely difficult situation for her to comprehend so the lads explained everything to her step by step. Many many thanks guys.
Marielle Taylor
Read More
Great service, extremely friendly and professional
Read More
Thank you for your efficient service. Much more reasonable than expected & had a great customer service. Would recommend
Luke James
Read More
Great company, fast response to my call out and reasonably priced.
Read More
Had these guys out as I had a blocked drain. They came out same day and was very happy with the speedy service they provided. Will recommend & use again if needed. Thanks
Genevieve Mahony
Read More
Wow . Amazing prompt service form these guys . Job prices very reasonably and response was quick too. I’d definitely recommend this company again
J.M. Ferguson
Read More
Your employees were most pleasant and helpful. The work on my drains was done efficiently. The drains were cleared and the new interior drains inserted into my old porclain drainpipies without any delay. A job very well done, thank you.
J.M. Ferguson
Read More
Your employees were most pleasant and helpful. The work on my drains was done efficiently. The drains were cleared and the new interior drains inserted into my old porclain drainpipies without any delay. A job very well done, thank you.

Blocked drains can’t always be easy to spot but the earlier that you catch them, the more chance you will have of saving yourself time and money. As well as not letting it impact on your home or day to day life. Blocked drain bournemouth is here to lay out for you what signs you should keep an eye out for. These often appear around your home and in your plumbing devices which you use every day. As soon as you see these signs don’t ignore them but call on the expert drain unblocking Bournemouth to get it sorted fast.

The most common sign is a smell coming from your plughole or by your manhole cover. You might even notice it when you go outside. However, if you don’t notice this another common one are your toilets and showers not functioning as they should. If your toilet or shower starts building up with water (even a little bit) this reveals that there is nowhere for the water to go in the drain and that you might have a blockage. Commonly toilets rise with water when flushed rather than it disappearing.

This leads us to the easy offender of pipes and blocked drains. Protect your plumbing and drains today by being careful how much toilet paper you are using per visit. Too much paper can clog your drains and cause blockages. Act fast today and call on the reliable drain unblocking service Bournemouth blocked drains. We provide affordable but professional services and will get your drain restored to health in no time at all.

Blocked drains are usually assumed by customers to be something easy to unblock themselves. This assumption is quickly disproven when customers attempt this job and either do not get results, or get another blockage quite quickly. That’s because blockages can often be deep within your drain and unreachable, causing you all sorts of issues when it comes to using your plumbing in your home. What you need to go is call on the expert drain unblockers blocked drain Bournemouth to do the job for you.

We have been around long enough here in Bournemouth and in the drain unblocking industry to know exactly how to unblock a drain effectively. The first thing we do as specialists is identify what is causing the blockage. This is important as it is this that we want to remove. Using both our experience and the latest industry approach which includes CCTV technology, we can investigate your drain until we come across the source of the clog. From there, we will use high pressure drain jetting where the blockage is particuarly stubborn. This ensures that the blockage definitely gets removed and gives your entire drain a thorough clean so that any potential blockages or build ups are also removed.

That’s why when you call Bournemouth blocked drain you save yourself time and money in the future. We won’t mess you around doing superficial drainage service work, but get to the root of the problem. We’ve seen it all here at blocked drains Bournemouth – from toilet paper build up to nappies in drains, we know the common sources of blockages and how best to remove them. Trust in the experience of Bournemouth drain unblocking today and give us a call.

A drain survey is a wonderful way to find the source of the issue in the case of a slow and persistent drain blockage. If you are finding that you are continuously having to treat the same slow drain with chemical solutions or plunge and use boiling water at a regular rate to keep the drains clear.

See what goes on beyond the sink with blocked drain Bournemouth specialistsPerhaps there is a bigger issue down the line. A blocked drain Bournemouth CCTV survey will help you find out where the problem is. And we can also assist in having the issue resolved forever.

Long terms drain solutions which don’t require continuous upkeep is part of what makes up our customer promise. Your blocked drain Bournemouth cares for you, your pipes and your drain health. Free flow at home or at work is important to ensure smooth running of a home or a business alike. Pipes are our speciality, and assistance with drain modification for better flow is something we can also assist with should it be required. A drain modification can help you resolve a structural issue if needed.

A blocked drain Bournemouth CCTV survey can also help you keep up to date with your drain health in general. Being able to spot issues early is vital and can help you prevent clogs and issues further down the line. Get in touch with a skilled blocked drain Bournemouth technician at any time to ask your question and to have your drain checked by a professional.

Equipped with the latest drain survey technology and with the tools to resolve any drain block or clog. You can trust the local and skilled drain specialists here to find the best solution for you. Over all, a professional blocked drain Bournemouth CCTV survey will assist you in your upkeep of your clog free pipes with permanent long term solutions as a priority. Feel free to call on your blocked drain Bournemouth specialists today.

It’s a good question and blocked drain Bournemouth often answers it for its customers. When it comes to drains they can be very sensitive to what is passing through your plumbing in your house. So it’s important to pay attention to what you are putting down your drains. Lots of thick toilet paper going into your toilet is either going to cause a blockage in your toilet’s pipes, or if it makes its way to the drain it can build up there over time. When we lift drain covers and look for the sources of the blockage, we often find toilet paper build ups. This can prevent the free-flow of water in your drain which keeps waste moving. Essentially, blocked drains Bournemouth advises you to be aware of how much paper you are using per toilet visit.

Drains also get blocked through no fault of our customers. If a drain is particularly or old or narrow, or hasn’t had a professional drain unblocking before, then it may be more liable to become blocked. But we guarantee here at Bournemouth blocked drains that once you’ve had one of our high quality services you won’t need a drain unblocking service anytime soon. Our approach is both effective and fast – we can be in and out in under an hour but in that time we will perform a thorough and deep cleaning on your drain. Any potential and actual blockages we will unearth and remove using a combination of our own experience and that of the drainage industry.

We employ approaches we know work in our daily jobs. Having figured out the best way to unblock drains Bournemouth blocked drain uses it on every drain and adapts it to the type of blockage and drain we come across (having seen every kind in our time as professional blocked drain services). We bring in any appropriate update from the drainage industry such as new knowledge and modern tools to ensure that we only ever improve on the work that we do for customers. So if you call us be sure that you’ll get a reliable 24 hour drain unblocking service, by a professional that cares about the longeveity of your drain health.

We are able to carry out fully comprehensive CCTV Surveys & Investigations which can assist with the buying and selling of any properties. Our engineers will arrive on site at a time that suits you, carry out the CCTV Survey, we then compile the report, a site plan/map and all the footage straight back to you and assist with any additional information needed to help the purchase or sale of your home.

Yes, all of our engineers are fully equipped to carry out drainage repairs both small and large. Our state of the art machinery and technology onboard allows us to identify any arising issues and offer a 5 star service to bring your system fully up to date.
Did you know we are also able to offer finance on all repair works, speak to a member of our team today to discuss. We also offer a 10 year guarantee on all repair works carried out.

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There’s many reasons why customers return to the drain unblocking service we can provide them, but blocked drain Bournemouth thinks that it can boil it down to one big thing: customer service. We put customers at the heart of what we do here at your local professional blocked drain service. It feeds into everything that we do: the standard of our work, our prices, our flexibility. By the end of this post, we should have convinced you that you should join every other customer we have in Bournemouth and make us your local drain unblocking service. And if you’re still not convinced – call us and we will change your mind!

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